Keto Approved Vegetables – From My Keto Larder

By | August 13, 2018

Keto Or Non Keto Vegetables From My Keto Larder


The Keto Approved Vegetables list is simple to remember, it can be split into two basic groups and the below information is based on consuming no more than 20 grams of carbs a day (which my partner and I are adhere to).

Vegetables grown above ground contain fewer carbs and you can eat as much of these as you choose (5 carbs per 100gm or 3 ½ ounces).  A lot of the vegetables you normally eat probably fall into this category which is a good thing as you do not want to change your diet radically.

Vegetables grown below ground contain more carbs and you need to limit the amount you consume.

You will see that a lot of the below vegetables and berry fruits are known to you and you probably eat them already on a regular basis. This is what attracted my partner and myself to Keto, the fact we ate these foods already so we did not have to make drastic changes to our diet.

Remember, always buy in season as this is more cost effective or buy your favourite vegetables or berry fruits when they are sold on special. Frozen veg is another option, as are frozen berry fruits.

I have obviously not listed every vegetable so if you have a particular favourite or wish to try a new vegetable then simply google the item per 100 grams to discover the number of carbs.

Some people adapt the Keto diet when they have reached a certain goal weight – for example: they may eat some higher carb foods at the weekend and then go back to eating low carbs foods during the week.

Other people lose weight and then go back to how they were eating before, some lucky people never regain the weight and never return to the Keto diet but others do go back if the weight has crept back on. There is a real mix of people out there, eating the way it best for them. We are all different, my partner misses roast potatoes with our Sunday Roast but I am happy to go without them.

Top Ten Vegetables

The Top Ten Vegetables are (in order of popularity which makes sense as like me you can probably remember many of these vegetables from your childhood), ALL CARBS ARE PER 100 GRAM OR 3 ½ OUNCES:

Cauliflower – 3 carbs. Fresh or frozen for cauliflower mash and cauliflower rice.

Cabbage – 3 carbs. Essential for stir fry dishes as well as a traditional Roast Meal vegetable.

Avocado – 2 carbs. Creamy and delicious, full of nutritious fat.

Broccoli -4 carbs. A super food, make sure you use every part of this including the stalk.

Zucchini or courgettes – 3 carbs. Try making zucchini fries or chips or use as substitute for pasta.

Spinach – 1 carb. A nutritious must in a fish pie or a frittata.

Asparagus – 2 carbs. My partner’s favourite when in season.

Kale – 4 carbs. A definite super food, used in smoothies.

Green beans – 4 carbs. Tasty with a great texture.

Brussels sprouts – 5 carbs. My childhood favourite, always loved these. Try them fried on a skewer.

Other Favourite Low Carb Vegetables

Lettuce – 1 carb

Celery – 1 carb

Mushrooms – 2 carbs

Bean sprouts – 3 carbs

Cucumber – 3 carbs

Eggplant – 3 carbs

Olives (green or black) – 3 carbs

Tomato – 3 carbs

Mixed greens (alfalfa sprouts, cress, mustard, etc.) – 1 carb

Peppers -green has 3 carbs, red has 4 carbs and yellow has 5 carbs

Below Ground Vegetables – The Not So Bad

Beetroot – 7 carbs

Carrots – 7 carbs

Pumpkin – 7 carbs

Brown Onion – 7 carbs

Scallions or spring onions – 7 carbs

Below Ground Vegetables – The Bad

Parsnip – 13 carbs (restrict entirely)

Potato – 15 carbs (restrict entirely)

Sweet potato – 17 carbs (restrict entirely)

Above Ground Vegetables – Avoid

Peas- 9 carbs per 100 gram

Sweetcorn – 15 carbs per 100 gram

Favourite Low Carb Berry Fruits – In Small Quantities



Raspberry – 3 carbs per 60 gram

Blackberry- 4 carbs per 70 gram

Strawberries – 3 carbs per 100 gram

Blueberries – 6 carbs per 50 gram

I must emphasize, most fruits are high in carbs and so you should eat a small serving of the above berries if you feel like something sweet. There are many fat bomb recipes available that use the above berry fruits too and are delicious, use only a few ingredients and are incredibly easy and quick to make.

Increasingly Popular Vegetables

Radishes at 1 carb per 100 gram is becoming popular on the keto diet, you can roast or fry them to replace potatoes.

Swede or rutabaga is also a popular replacement for potatoes.  This contains 7 carbs per 100 gram so moderate your portion.

Personal Vegetable Pointers

There is a vast array of vegetables to choose from – eat what you prefer but also try new veggies at least once – I did not eat avocado until I was into my early fifties and now I adore it (which is just as well as it is so good for you). I also discovered and became a fan of zucchini, pumpkin and aubergine when I was older, foods I cannot remember eating as a child. On the flip side of the coin I have never enjoyed eating celery either raw or cooked and still don’t.

Some traditional foods that I did eat during childhood I now no longer eat and do not miss, potatoes (roast, mashed and chips) being the prime example but I miss ready salted crisps! We no longer eat parsnips now either and limit carrots and pumpkin.

The other big change has been cooking a favourite food is a different way such as frying brussels sprouts on a skewer rather than boiling in a pan to go with dinner (meat, potato and three vegetables my childhood).

Enjoy your vegetables, the different tastes, textures and colours but remember limit yourself to 20 carbs a day, bon appetit!












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