Low Carb High Fat Snacks – Keto (Ketogenic) Diet

By | September 19, 2018

Most people who are following the Keto diet or a similiar low carb/high fat diet find that they do not need to snack, they feel full for longer during the day as they are eating more fats (aim for a daily intake of 75%). This was most certainly the case for me and for my partner, for my partner this was and still is down to the fact he drinks a Bulletproof coffee each morning.

Nuts are a fantastic snack

Nuts are an ideal snack, they are healthy, you only need to nibble on a few nuts to satisfy your hunger and they are very portable so pop a few into a small container and take them to work with you today. The best nuts if you are on the keto diet are the following, see my Most Healthy Nuts To Eat Post too:

Brazil nuts – 4 carbs per 100g or 3 ½ ounces or 3 handfuls

Macadamia nuts – 5 carbs per 100g or 3 ½ ounces or 3 handfuls

Pecan nuts – 5 carbs per 100g or 3 ½ ounces or 3 handfuls

Macadamia nuts – 5 carbs per 100g or 3 ½ ounces or 3 handfuls

Walnuts – 7 carbs per 100g or 3 ½ ounces or 3 handfuls

MEN ONLY – Remember eating just one walnut per day helps with prostate health .


Cheese is extremely popular – some cheese lovers eat a 110g wheel of Brie cheese in one sitting! Others eat an entire wheel of Camembert cheese after softening at room temperature or softening in the microwave.

One extreme cheese love slices her cheese, layers her favourite nuts in the middle, bakes in the oven and eats like a sandwich!

You can partner any cheese with Keto bread, low-carb bagels, Keto seed crackers, Penati nut and seed crackers or on lettuce leaves, cucumber slices, etc.

Other cheese lovers fry or bake grated cheese, cool on baking paper then break into bits to make homemade cheese crackers.

Eggs are nutritious, filling and cheap to buy

Many people hard boil one week’s worth of eggs in one go and store them in the fridge so they can take one or two out as they go through the week.

You can eat hard boiled eggs on their own or partner them with anything you choose – avocado, celery, gherkin, lettuce, etc.

Many people bake small, individual cups or small quiches using any leftover ingredients they have such as ham, bacon, cheese, onion, red pepper, courgette. These are popular for breakfasts and for snacks.

Fat bombs

Fat bombs are popular, there are many recipes for different types on the internet eg. Jelly Tip fat bombs made with Weightwatchers sugar free jelly. In addition you can choose from such chocolate bombs, bounty bar bombs, raspberry cream bombs and strawberry short bombs.

There are also lots of recipes for smoothies which are also classed as fat bombs such as chocolate, raspberry smoothie, blackberry almond, strawberry dream, etc.

A handful/small container of berries, best berries if you are on keto are:

Raspberry – 3 carbs per 60 gram

Blackberry- 4 carbs per 70 gram

Strawberries – carbs per 100 gram

Lindt 90% Dark Chocolate. Melt this and add some cream to your bowl of berries if you wish.

Greek Yoghurt is another great accompaniment for berries as it is rich and creamy. It contains extremely small amounts of carbs and sugars.

The Best Of The Rest – Fish, Olives, Salami and Pork Rinds

Fish – There are many small cans of salmon and tuna available, there are lots of different flavours available from the basic but tasty Olive Oil to Chilli & Lime, Lemon & Cracked Pepper, Hickory BBQ and Satay.

Olives – Eat plain or choose one of the various flavours that are available such as olives with herbs, herbs and garlic, chilli pepper, seal salt, lemon and garlic.

Salami sticks are popular, sliced salami on sliced cucumber are delicious. You could also add some Camembert cheese to make a triple stack! You can buy mini salami sticks, slices or a 300g stick. There are many flavours available, Bavarian, Chorizo, Danish, Dutch, Italian, etc.

A small packet of pork rinds can also fill the gap, there are many brands such as Nobby’s, Mr Porky and Sniks to choose from and many flavours such as sea salt and pepper, bbq, chilli lime and hickory smoked.

Biltong is popular, it originates from South Africa and is a delicious cured, dried meat that is low in carbs but quite high in protein. On the Keto diet we aim for a daily intake of 20% of our overall diet) so as with any other snack keep an eye how much you are consuming.

Think Before You Snack

Before you snack make sure you are not feeling thirsty as opposed to feeling hungry, frequently our bodies are telling us we need to take more fluid on board rather than more food.

If you do think you still think you need to snack ask yourself do I really need to eat something? Am I really hungry or am I bored, fed up, tired, discomforted and looking for a substitute activity? Perhaps you need to take a power nap, take a short stroll around your neighbourhood, do some gardening, etc. Examine your feelings/emotions before snacking.

There are many choices of low carb high fat snacks to choose from depending on your taste buds. Choose the snack you are hankering after but remember to read the Nutritional Information and eat in moderation.

REMEMBER – a snack should be just that, a snack and not an entire meal!

Cost also plays a factor, the Keto diet can be as cheap or as expensive as you make it so choose your foods wisely, buy your vegetables and soft fruits when they are in season or frozen as the goodness is locked in.  Consider buying online direct from the producer, many people buy their avocados this way for example.

What low carb high fat snack is your favourite? Have you found you are thirsty rather than hungry? Are you eating due to how you are feeling, bored for example?







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